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Assignment Blog: Final Project 2

This blog will be my last for the course .  I spent the last two weeks fine-tuning the details of my project site, primarily by reviewing each page in detail for errors and omissions;  ensuring that my CSS code was clean and tight; and, above all, ensuring that everything looked the same in all browsers, particularly Safari (and yes, it even works on my iPhone!).  My only true frustration had to do with manually inserting apostrophes and quotation marks for all of my text. My pages used a lot of these symbols; but, quite maddeningly, using the simple <q> coding did not display the properly curved symbols in Safari. When viewed in Chrome, Firefox, and even IE, these symbols came out perfectly with the <q> code.

I asked Prof. Petrik how I might remedy that issue, and she told me to use the “Insert>Special Character” option. This technique allowed me to select from the top bar of the Dreamweaver menu menu the correct apostrophe and quotation marks and insert them into the text; in each case, they appeared as either &#8220 (left quotation mark), &#8221 (right quotation mark), and &#8217 (apostrophe). And so, to ensure that Safari users would see the same thing, I had to manually insert these symbols one at a time by selecting the “Insert>Character> Symbol” features — a task that took me hours to perform. Cutting and pasting this code did not work; I had to make no fewer than four clicks each per entry. But I guess that if we’re going to develop Web sites that look the same across all Web browsers, we have to go to these lengths to get it right. My task would likely not have been so ominous had I used the “Insert>Character” feature at the outset. My only hope is that the developers-at-large figure out a way to allow the same code used in Dreamweaver and other Web-site-creation platforms to speak the same language across all browsers.

Overall, I feel rather proud of my Web site. Naturally, I will continue to tweak it even after the course ends. I intend to keep it active for the foreseeable future and to build another site this summer to host photographs and maps from my last book that never made it into the final published product.  But you can bet on one thing: As soon as the course ends, that crappy Portfolio site of mine is coming down! Hallelujah!

Steve Rusiecki

Note: As of Sunday, 3 May 2015, I have not seen any other student blogs upon which to comment.