Comment on Alyssa’s Blog 7: “Accessibility”

Alyssa’s Blog 7: “Accessibility”

I’m glad to see that I wasn’t the only one to run some of my Web pages through the WAVE accessibility evaluation tool. I thought that the few errors that “popped” (some of which I could fix easily) meant that I was in pretty good shape overall. And then, after reading Alyssa’s blog, I realized that I could do much more to improve my accessibility “score.” Alyssa used both WAVE and Achecker (not sure what that second  one is!) to evaluate her Web pages, and she came out waaaay on top! Her stuff was nearly perfect. Her only “ding” was that she did not identify her Web sites’ language — one of the same “dings” I received from WAVE for my pages. For the most part, Alyssa had clearly learned from her experience in library school how to code a page properly to ensure accessibility.  She has certainly set a high bar for the rest of us!  I’m inspired to go back and try and figure out — with renewed vigor — the  errors that WAVE reported on my Web pages. My thanks to  Alyssa for leading the way and setting the standard for all of us. Well done!

Steve Rusiecki

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