Comment on Alyssa’s Design Blog: “Web Design Assignment”

Alyssa’s Web Design Blog: “Web Design Assignment”

I enjoyed reading about Alyssa’s thinking behind why she chose the colors for her Design assignment and how she selected the images and font style to support her theme.  I followed the embedded link to her Web site and was able to see the draft version. Her choice of purple in the headers — and her font style in particular — really capture both the sense of the media storm that encompassed the Richmond capitol building disaster in 1870 as well as the sense of mourning that accompanied it.  The newspaper-style font in the <h1>  headers look fabulous.  The images are particularly good, and I liked the way she vignetted Mr. Chahoon’s image — although perhaps resizing it in Photoshop might eliminate some of the “pixelation” that is still evident. I had the same problem with a few of my images, and re-sizing them in Photoshop was not always the best solution. In fact, I had to abandon some of them outright. Overall, Alyssa’s design looks great, and I can’t wait to see the final product.

Steve Rusiecki

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