Comment on Alyssa’s Post 4: “Color”

Alyssa’s Blog 4: “Color”

Like Alyssa, I am also struggling to find the right color palette for my WWII-era Web page.  She and I share the same reticence about inserting outlandish color schemes into otherwise historically focused Web sites.  Perhaps if the subject is actually “fun” — say, like 19th Century children’s games — then such palettes are appropriate. However, Alyssa and I both share subjects that are  serious in nature: war and disaster.  The challenge is to find a color scheme that represents the period without making light of the nature of our historical topics.  In these cases, I agree fully with Alyssa: grays, blacks, off-whites, and other neutral colors seem to be most appropriate. But they don’t catch one’s eye, and that’s the approach we need to follow to grab someone’s attention and impart our historical knowledge upon him or her.  She and I are contemplating the same things right now: how to find a proper but historical color scheme for our Web projects that meet that one key mandate of good design — grabbing one’s attention. Thanks for the insight, Alyssa. I take comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one struggling with historically appropriate color.

Steve Rusiecki

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