Comment on Alyssa’s Typography Blog: “Typography Assignment”

Alyssa’s Typography Assignment Blog

I’m happy to say that Alyssa’s Columbine site, which she, like me, used as a practice site for the Typography assignment, turned out extremely well. Her colors, image position, and general site structure looked remarkably good — far better than my attempts! And, like Alyssa, I struggled to get my footer into the body container, but I eventually cracked the code by giving the footer its own class and styling it using the CSS Designer in Dreamweaver. I also used the CSS Designer to solve several of the other problems that Alyssa and I both seemed to have encountered in creating our Web pages.

Moreover, Alyssa followed the same approach I used to match fonts to period newspapers.  Since her period is 19th Century Richmond, she relied on the Richmond Times Dispatch for font inspiration. I’m glad to see that I wasn’t the only one to follow this same approach. I only wish that Alyssa would have tipped us off to her font choices in her blog, because she has a great eye, and I learn so much from her. In fact, she has been a great help to me by teaching me how to FTP and how to create site links — among other things! I am grateful for all of her help and, above all, for her incredible patience in answering my numerous questions and emails. Thanks, Alyssa!

Steve Rusiecki



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