Comment on Ben’s Post 3: “Structure” (Week 4 Readings)

Ben’s Post 3: Structure

I agree with Ben that viewing the tutorial “Creating a First Website in Dreamweaver CC 2014″ would have proved very helpful as an up-front viewing requirement, perhaps even before the first class meets. I stumbled upon the tutorial after our first class meeting and watched about half of it, which allowed me to build a practice Web site from scratch and then post it online. For me, that was an amazing feat, because I am not very comfortable dealing with new software.  I always seem to be the guy who hits that one button or clicks on something that causes the entire country to go to DEFCON 5 and launches the bomber fleet. The biggest problem I encountered, though,  was that the tutorial instructor explained how to open a new site and start building a Web page using a vastly different approach from our in-class practicum. For me, seeing something done on a computer the same way over and over again is the easiest way for me to learn it. I think reconciling the different approaches would be helpful — at least for someone like me!

Steve Rusiecki

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