Comment on Eric’s Post 3: “Don’t You Dare Center ANYTHING.”

Eric’s Post 3: “Don’t’ You Dare Center ANYTHING.”

I would like to echo Eric’s thanks to the entire class for providing positive, constructive feedback on each of the Portfolio Web pages. Everyone’s page was just great. Like Eric, I used those comments and things I learned from the tutorial to make improvements to my Portfolio page. I must admit that I am extremely proud of that page — even though it has a loooong way to go.

I am in the same boat as Eric when it comes to having a history of engaging in what I now know to be  design faux pas.   I, too, am someone who would have centered everything.  When  Prof. Petrik demonstrated how crappy a centered Web page appeared, I was astonished that I once thought it was a good thing to do. Not any more! I get it now! And I agree with Eric that designing in Dreamweaver through both code and in live view can be challenging, especially when considering grid and aspect ratio. I’ve begun sketching out my typography Web page, and breaking the layout into thirds and then making it happen on the site are both very challenging — but certainly not impossible.  And thanks, Eric, for the hilarious Puritan Valentine’s Day cards.  Classic stuff.

Steve Rusiecki

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