Comment on Jordan’s Blog 7: “Accessibility and the Web”

Jordan’s Blog 7: “Accessibility and the Web”

I am in full agreement with Jordan about the usefulness of the “10 Easy Accessibility Tips” from WebAim. As I explained in my blog, simply being conscientious about how you code your HTML will go a long way toward making the site accessible for many more users, particularly the visually impaired. As Jordan avers, the challenges faced by blind people are particularly daunting.  His example of the blind pianist in his church, Ron Harvey, was very moving and striking. Ron could not play the guitar, one of his passions, because the callouses that formed on his fingers reduced their sensitivity to braille.  I can’t imagine having to make such  a choice in life. Playing the music you love or being able to continue reading.  Terrible. Jordan’s example has made me even more dedicated to ensuring that any Web site I create now and in the future follows, at the very least, WebAim’s tips; and, as my skills improve, things like the hidden HTML code espoused by Paul Ryan Bohman will become the norm for my sites. I can’t imagine shutting someone out from reading what  I, as a historian,  produce on the Web for the benefit of all, including blind people. Thank you, Jordan, for helping me to “double down” even further on my own imperative to make my online work accessible to all.

Steve Rusiecki

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