Comment on Mason’s Design Blog: “Update on Design Project”

Mason’s Design Blog: “Update on Design Project”

I sympathize fully with the struggles Mason has outlined in his blog about finding ways to ensure that his Web site’s design captures his selected time period.  And, like Mason, once I found what I wanted to include on my own site, the real struggle became finding ways to make it work. As Mason explains, some techniques were easier to master than others. Tinkering with a background image was a big one for me, and Mason seems to be bumping along that rough road now. All I can say is that he is on the right track by experimenting with those backgrounds that may or may not work.

I wanted my font style to reflect a “newspaperish” feel to it as well; but, in many cases, and like the font style Mason selected, some newsprint-style fonts are tough to read on a Web page. I settled for one, leitura-news, that gave the feel of of old 1940s newsprint and was easy to read online.  I feel that this compromise was essential in order to grab a user’s attention and make him or her stay on the site. I would recommend to Mason that he seek another serif font for his main body that is a little easier to read than his current selection.  And I just love the parchment backdrop in the main body. Wow! It looks great!

Steve Rusiecki

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