Comment on Nathan’s Final Project Blog: “Building a Website”

Nathan’s Final Project Blog: “Building a Website”

Nathan expressed concern over how best to add multiple pages to his Web site. In his blog, he stated that he is copying both the HTML and CSS pages from one new Web page to another. Actually, I learned a better way thanks to a tutorial. Instead of creating multiple separate Web pages, you can create multiple pages within the same Web site that share the same CSS code. After I created my main (or home) page, I selected “Save as” and created my next page — all within the same folder. After renaming the file, I then modified the page with whatever content I wanted. I followed this same process to create all of my internal Web pages. If I wanted to do something unique to each new page’s style without interfering with other the other pages’ design, I simply used CSS Designer and selected as my style source the option “style.” This option allowed me to create inline CSS right on the new page while still drawing on design code from the main CSS file. I found this technique to be much easier and a lot less work. And I agree with Nathan: Getting all pages to work in concert with each other is challenge that requires an extreme amount of attention to detail.

Steve Rusiecki

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