Comment on Stephanie’s Post 2: “The Power of Typography: Balancing Your Audiences”

Stephanie’s Blog 2: “The Power of Typography: Balancing Your Audiences”

I found Stephanie’s discussion about selecting a Web font that works for dyslexic people but that may not communicate an intended (or expected) design message to be compelling.  I never considered the possibility that people suffering from dyslexia found specific font types to be easier to read than others. I had always believed that dyslexic readers simply preferred larger type with generous spacing.  I applaud Stephanie for raising this issue and for making me aware that my typography choices could inadvertently “shut out” a significant portion of my potential reading audience.  I will need to proceed with care in the future to avoid such a terrible pitfall. Thanks for a great, and very informative, blog post, Stephanie!

Steve Rusiecki

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