Comment on Stephanie’s Post 5: “The Glory of Photoshop”

Stephanie’s Blog: “The Glory of Photoshop”

I enjoyed Stephanie’s excitement and enthusiasm over Photoshop. I know lots of people who have used the program for years, but they always seemed frustrated at learning to do new things with it.  I’m glad that Stephanie has prompted me to search the Web beyond for other “how-to” sites and tutorials. I was generally sticking to the tutorials; but, after searching the Web based on Stephanie’s blog, I found numerous blogs, sites, and videos explaining how to use different techniques in Photoshop. Thanks for the heads up, Stephanie!

I also appreciated Stephanie’s advice on keeping Photoshop well beyond Clio-Wired II.  She is absolutely right that using Photoshop to make unaltered images and photographs “Web ready” is perhaps the most important function the program will serve for me in the future.  Since I intend to use the Web to present more and more of the history I do, Photoshop will be just as invaluable as Dreamweaver for me in the coming years.  Stephanie is clearly correct in implying that for all of us historians, Photoshop is a tool that we won’t be able to live without.

Steve Rusiecki

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