Comment on Alyssa’s Blog 6: “Images Pt. 2″

Alyssa’s Blog 6: Images Pt. 2″

I sympathize with Alyssa on her exploits with Photoshop.  I have certainly mastered cropping, many aspects of restoration on a black-and-white image, and re-matting a cartoon image. However, as for colorizing a black-and-white image — forget it! Like Alyssa, I made the man with the cat look far worse than when we started.  I have no problem using the magnetic  lasso or applying colors lightly. The problem for me comes in identifying the correct opacity and then getting the detail lines to come through the color.  Even after coloring his suit blue and using the burn tool to bring out the detail, everything looks phony. And what I did to that guy’s face is a crime. I probably would have made a better mortician prepping that guy’s face for an open-casket viewing. I decided to free-style the cat’s color, which actually worked pretty well. Over the weekend, I tried to colorize another image from my collection of D-Day JPEGs. Unfortunately for me, I chose a rather challenging one: the troops offloading a landing craft onto a smoke-filled Omaha Beach.  The image now looks like a bunch of green blobs in a sea of bright blue. Uggh! Once again, making the colors look realistic became my biggest challenge.  I’m in the same boat with you, Alyssa. You grab the left paddle, and I’ll grab the right one!

Steve Rusiecki

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